Tactics & Weapons & Psychological Consultant for Film, TV, Books

If you are interested in creatively developing your characters emotionally and physically as they relate to weapons’ usage, J Bartell is unsurpassed in bringing authenticity to your project. He is, in fact, unlike any other consultant in this field because of his vast range of experiences derived from his work as a behavior specialist and therapist and having worked with high-end clients worldwide, including heads of state. He was originally recruited as a CIA courier who went on to work ten years in black ops as a subcontractor.

Author of The 231 Club: My Ten Year Journey From Therapist to CIA Courier and Sanctioned Kills – A True Story.

J Bartell is the only person who was trained and partnered with Jeff Cooper, considered to be the father of modern combat tactics; Michael Harries, best known for tactics and weapons, including having invented the famous Harries Flashlight Technique for help using weapons in low-light conditions, and with Chauncey Holt, a tactics expert highly experienced in organized crime as well as CIA black ops.

J holds the title of COMBAT MASTER in practical pistol shooting (member of IPSC) and he was a world class athlete in combat shooting for many years. He’s taught Police Officers, FBI agents, SWAT.

J served as a Weapons Adviser/Handler for several Concord-New Horizon films including “Streets”, “Stripped to Kill”, “Stripped to Kill II”,  “Dance of the Damned”; “The Phone Call”: Silverstein Productions as well as for “APEX”: Green Communications, Philip Roth, director; Fugitive X: Innocent Target.

In the early 1980’s, J Bartell was asked to serve as a psychological consultant for the First Earth Battalion which was to be our government’s new military force.  As a result of budget cuts the battalion was disbanded but it was during that time that Mr. Bartell was approached by CIA agent Chauncey Holt.

Learn the right way! Consultation services include:
Weapons Adviser: usage, character placement and movement.

Weapons Handling for Actors:
help your actors look like the pros they’re supposed to be playing.

Weapons Terminology for Scripts: help your characters be authentic and your descriptions read correctly.