Book Photos

Below are just some of the photos included in the book
THE 231 CLUB: My Ten Year Journey From Therapist to CIA Courier and Sanctioned Kills – A True Story
by J Bartell, MA with Ginger Marin
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Early Years: Me on My Bike


altTherapy Demo: How to Control Bleeding and Pain
Using a Hypodermic Needle in My Face.


altTotal weight on me was over 320lbs.
Only parts touching the chairs were my heels & top
of my shoulders. I maintained this position 2 minutes +, while my breathing and heart rate remained normal.


Me and My Partner Michael Harries
(Inventor of the famous Harries Flashlight Technique)

Obviously taking pictures on assignments were out of the question. But I thought readers might enjoy some photos from some of the matches I competed in which were to strengthen my basic weapon handling. The matches were held by IPSC and featured power, speed and accuracy. Now that I look at them, oh to be young again.


Me using the Harries Flashlight Technique.

Michael and Jeff had me join IPSC by way of the South West Pistol League, in order to reinforce my shooting and tactical skills.   Obviously, competing even in practical pistol shooting competition is not even close to the danger of real combat situations. As Bruce Lee  might have said, targets don’t shoot back.  

And of course in real combat you don’t shoot or reload out in the open.  But it definitely is a step up from just going to the range and shooting at targets by yourself. There is a bit of stress that you must overcome to focus and concentrate in order not to come in last. But the ultimate lessons to be learned are always learned on the field of combat. If you survive to put into practice what you’ve learned.

With all of that said, I did really enjoy competition, I just had to keep the difference between competition and real combat separate if I wanted to stay alive when going on assignments. They are to very different mindsets.  Still, I was proud of placing 1st or 2nd in 85% of the matches I competed in, even though I only practiced very few hours a month for upcoming matches. Below are a few of the awards I had won. Of course I’m most proud of being alive after 10 years of Black Ops.  Most of the credit going to my ladyhelp me get through some very bad years.


altA Few of My Combat Shooting Trophies & Awards


Desert Shootout With Multiple Assailants.
Sheriff Counted 26 hits Overall to My Car.