On the subject of his black ops assignments, J Bartell was previously interviewed by American award winning investigative reporter Judd McIlvain, a winner of eight golden mike awards and two Emmy Awards and award winning investigative journalist/crime reporter Peter R. de Vries of the Netherlands.  Here are excerpts from those interviews.

This first interview is with Los Angeles-based investigative reporter Judd McIlvain. At the time the interview was conducted, Bartell’s voice was disguised as he had not yet publicly disclosed his name. J discusses courier
work for the CIA, his first assignement, the emotional impact of his work, the backgrounds of partners Chauncey Holt and Michael Harries, how he was attacked in the California desert and various other topics.

In this second video, with Peter R. De Vries, Bartell discusses a variety of topics including: Partnerships with Michael Harries and Chauncey Holt; Lee Harvey Oswald Rifle & “Necking Down”; a Rescue Mission with Chauncey Holt; his Friendship with Chauncey Holt.